Individual Safe Environment Program Descriptions:

Protecting God's Children for Adults

This is the foundation training program for the prevention of child sexual abuse used in the Diocese of Phoenix. Two videos are the centerpiece of the training: A Time to Protect God's Children and A Plan to Protect God's Children. This program covers:

  • Facts and myths about child sexual abuse
  • How offenders gain access to children/youth
  • Red flags to watch for in those who may abuse
  • Warning signs in children/youth who may be victims of abuse
  • Methods for screening employees and volunteers
  • Monitoring church programs to keep them safe
  • Appropriate and inappropriate interactions and behaviors with children/youth
  • Responding to allegations of abuse
Called to Protect™ for Youth

This program—the first of its kind—teaches youth grades 6th -12th about their physical, emotional, and behavioral boundaries and how to respond if someone tries to violate them. Youth learn why it can be difficult to report abuse that has occurred to them or someone they know. It also teaches them words to say if they, or someone they know, are being abused. Parent/ guardian permission is required for attendance of these sessions.

Curriculum for Pre- K – 5th grades

Curriculum is determined by teacher or catechetical leader.   Review of the curriculum is available upon request.
Options include but are not limited to:
Pre- K – 5th Smart Kids/Safe Kids
Curriculum used in Diocese of Phoenix 2005
Pre- K - 1st Just Because I Am A child’s book of Affirmation
By Lauren Murphy Payne, M.S.W. Note: Comes with Leadership Guide
ISBN 0-915793-60-1
2nd 3rd 4th It’s My Body A Book to Teach Young Children How to Resist Uncomfortable Touch
By Lory Freeman ISBN 0-943990-03-3
Spanish title: Mi Cuerpo Es MIO
2nd 3rd 4th My Body Is Private
By Linda Walvoord Girard
ISBN 0-8075-5319-0
1st - 2nd
3rd - 4th 5th
Curriculum developed by Roman Catholic Diocese of Harrisburg
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